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By taking  a trip  to the surroundings of  Torre Salsa,  many  famous archaeological sites  and interesting places can be reached  in  few hours: At Agrigento (40 km) the  Valley of the Temples  that has been placed by UNESCO  on its world heritage list; and inside  the delightful  botanic garden “the Kolimbetra” which has been created 1000  years ago and now it is in concession to the “Fondo Ambiente Italiano”. The archaeological site of Selinunte  (70 km), the largest one in Europe, a fervid example of the Greek civilization in Sicily. At  Morgantina (Enna -100 km)  the rests of the ancient city of Morgantina  and  the museum  at Aidone . At Piazza Armerina  (Enna-90 km) the  mosaics  in the  “Villa del Casale “ dated  4th century after  Christ, on the UNESCO heritage list. At Eraclea Minoa  (08  km)  an amphitheatre , a museum and the ruins of  the Greek and Roman cities , placed one on top of the other.  At Realmonte ( 15 km )  “ La scala dei Turchi” (the stair of the Turks); a huge rocky cliff which is  a great  tourist attraction; it is  a  snow-white sedimentary  rock at the back of the beach of Realmonte, shaped like an enormous  stair.  The  same  geological structure is  “LA MARNA “  which is located along the beach of   the  Torre Salsa  holiday farm. At Porto Empedocle (15 km) the museum of Luigi Pirandello,  set up in his native house and where he lived in during part of his life. At Favara (40 km) the “Farm Cultural Park” . It is  an art  gallery  where to savour  the creativity and the originality of  its  arrangement.   Inside the farm on the table land  that borders with the slope to the beach stands up the Tower built by the architect Camillani  in the  XVI  Century to defence Sicily  from the frequent  enemy raids. A warning signal  or the imminent  threat was sent  to the nearby tower  by  setting fire;  and so forth  from tower to tower all the area in danger was put  on the alert.


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