Agriturismo Torre Salsa Turistica


Agriturismo Torre Salsa Agriturismo Torre Salsa Agriturismo Torre Salsa Agriturismo Torre Salsa Agriturismo Torre Salsa Agriturismo Torre Salsa Agriturismo Torre Salsa Agriturismo Torre Salsa Agriturismo Torre Salsa Agriturismo Torre Salsa

The Sandy beach

A stretch of the long, wide, lonely, sandy beach. Foto gallery...

The Wild nature

Part of the sandy beach covered with flowery meadows in winter. Foto gallery...

The Beach

The beach in winter and spring. Foto gallery...

Towards the Marna

A path to the "Marna Beach". Foto gallery...

The Entrance

A wonderful view from the holiday farm entry terrace. Foto gallery...

The Marna beach

A stretch of the beach by the "Marna".
Foto gallery...

The past time area

A pic-nic area overlooking the sea.
Foto gallery...


Riding a mountain-byke. Foto gallery...

The Hospitality

"Il Cardo" the living room and the kitchenette. Foto gallery...

The Hospitality

The double bed room "The Anastra".
Foto gallery...


"Torre Salsa" holiday farm - in Sicily - is a three hundred hectar agricultural land which sweeps from the sea to the inland hills from where you can afford the amazing view of the whole farm, the spaces all around it and the horizon of the sea southward; northward you can admire a splendid panorama of Montallegro, of the "Gorgo" little lake and of Caltabellotta, on the peak of the mountains far, far away.

At TORRE SALSA the guests can:
Swim; walk on the beach or the paths running through the fields, the woods, the slopes; surf, hike, cycle; go mountain biking; if you want, you can jump rope (and lose weight) on the common terrace facing the beautiful scenery of the sea; play ping pong (table tennis burns 250 calories/hour); enjoy the sunset at the seaside or, in winter, in the sheltered SOLARIUM in a wonderful panoramic position overlooking the woods and the sea below; and in the meantime ... meditate and ... dream!!!

Available for rental are ping pong rackets, special Nordic Walking poles, hiking poles, binoculars for bird-watching, backpacks, cooler bags for the beach, jump ropes, bicycles, mountain bikes. Spa treatments are available on request. The Nordic Walking Park has several beautiful trails of varying length and difficulty; this is a sport that can be practised at any age; besides being fun, it helps you regulate the position of your back, knees and hips for a proper walking stride. Nordic Walking instils a sense of general well-being and harmonizes one's movements.

Torre Aragonese

It was built by the architect Camilliani in the XVIth century.
It overlooks the sea on the border of the most elevated area of the farm.
It is one of the many watch towers that were built all around the coasts to defend Sicily from the frequent enemy raids.
A warning signal of the imminent threat was sent to the nearby tower by making a fire. And so forth, from tower to tower, all the area in danger was put on the alert.

Permaculture: a life in armony with Nature... starting with food
Torre Salsa holiday farm grows its vegetables and fruits according to the permaculture system: no chemical fertilizers, no pesticides, no fungicides. The soil is enriched with the COMPOST, a mix of natural fermented waste materials as manure, chopped dead leaves and branches, seaweeds charcoal from locally burned wood, humus from locally bred earthworms, a blend of molasses and fish hydrolate. The products grow lush, healthy and desease-reistant; they only need the sun from the sky and the water from the well. The higher cost of the products that this process requires is fully repaid by their healthiness .